The Talent Finder
Who are we?

Our belief in individuals with their own special resources is absolutely central in our work. When people feel they are seen, heard and understood, they can believe in themselves, and find the strength and courage to develop personally and professionally.

We specialise in an appreciative and strength-based approach based on empowerment. This is the principle behind the Talent Finder’s box of visual tools, which create awareness and insight into the way meaningful relationships are built up by taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions and communications. The tools can be used in many situations, regardless of who we are working with. We are interpreters who can translate and make complicated things simpler. We are guides who can help people to find their own way with a feeling of freedom, respect and awareness of their own worth.

Our aim is to help individuals make the most of any situation, to find the courage to be genuine and intuitive, and thus to be the best version of themselves, so that they are able to inspire and motivate others.

The Talent Finder (RessourceDetektiven) is an international firm, primarily concerned with personal and professional development for managers and staff who work with children, adolescents and adults.

The firm has existed since 2003. We cover the whole of Denmark, and also operate in Germany and Greenland.

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We are proud to have been awarded Tønder municipality’s CSR certification.