The Talent Finder
Who are we?

The fact that we believe in the individual and their talents, is crucial in our work. The individuals who feel seen, heard and understood, find the foundation to believe in themselves and therefore find the strength and courage to develop themselves in both academical and personal ways.

We have specialized in the appreciative and strength-based approach with basis in empowerment.
With that as a foundation, we created The Talent Finder’s box of visual tools. They create insight and awareness around how meaningful relations are created by being personally responsible for your own behavior and communication. The tools are useful in countless situations and no matter what individual we’re faced with. We are the interpreter who turns complicated into simple. We are the guide who strengthens people through the feeling of freedom, respect and being valued, to find their own way in life.

Our goal is to help individuals get the most of every situation, the courage to be authentic and intuitive, and thus becoming the best version of themselves, inspiring and motivating others.

The Talent Finder is an international firm, that primarily works with personal and academic development of leaders and employees that work with children, young adults or adolescent adults.

Our firm has existed since 2003. We operate in the entirety of Denmark, south of the border and in Greenland.


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We are proud to have achieved Tønder municipality’s CSR certification.